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REIKI II Training Workshop

Learn REIKI II    

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  • Investment:       $350.00
  • Location:           Craigieburn, VIC 3064
  • Pre-requisite learning - Reiki I

How Does Reiki Work?
Reiki uses a special form of 'ki' (Japanese for Qi or energy) to re-balance and then charge the body's energy system. It doesn't heal the body itself, rather it gives the body the resources and boost of energy needed to do so. With regular practice, many Reiki healers feel happier, healthier, more productive and able to successfully deal with situations that would previously have caused large amounts of stress.

We are dedicated to offering the most detailed and advanced training for ‘self-healing’ and ‘self-empowerment’. If you are susceptible to the 'negative energy' of people, places and spirits then you will find Reiki II very useful.

Who Will Benefit from studying Reiki II?
Students of Reiki I wishing to advance their connection with universal life force energy to be able to send distant healing to a person in a different location or situations that require loving energy.  Students will be attuned to a series of sacred symbols and will learn various applications and techniques on how best to treat themselves and others safely within the scope of the ancient teachings.

Reiki Course Manual
Our course comes with an in-depth manual covering all of the course information (and more). This ensures that you will never be left struggling to recall any of the key concepts that we teach. 

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