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Group Wellbeing and Communication Workshop

Treat Your Staff to a Fun, Interactive Corporate Communication Workshop for Christmas

Melbourne, Australia

Benefits to the Company
> teaches employees to recognise their own unique Communication Style to influence others in the sales process.  As a Wellbeing Coach, I also teach staff how to read people to understand how information is processed through the cerebral cortex. This has a huge impact on the sales process, even down to communicating with peers and management. Practical, fun unique skills to be identified in the training.

Benefits to the Staff
> healthier work/life balance by using their unique communication style to read and understand those closest to them.  This is a wonderful life skill and a great way to show staff that they are supported by management.

Our "Corporate Wellbeing & Communication Workshop" is one of the most popular workshops we have on offer. We invite you on wonderful tour of self discovery to unlock and activate your signature communication style. 
This workshop was developed to encourage staff to use their natural communication styles and recognise these in others so communication barriers no longer exist. 
Benefits to you:

    • Increased Sales through clearer communication
    • Articulating what you want with Confidence
    • Understanding your clients needs
    • Helps with job preparation and interview
    • Problem solving
    • Learn techniques to build trust and rapport with ease

The workshop is delivered in two parts - 

Part A.
Individual one-on-one activation of each staff members communication style.  This is a natural skill each of us has and it will never change.  So a great way to physically show the staff what their natural skill is quickly and efficiently. Why teach a new style of learning when you can activate their natural abilities.

Part B.
Once the Communication Style has been unlocked, students will be guided down a series of exercises to learn how to best communicate with others once identifying their unique communication style.    
In my experience I encourage workshop participants to adopt these wonderful, simple leadership and communication styles to support them at home and in  business .

For further information, please email  info@edivida.com.au

Group Sizes:        Min. 10+ 
Duration:              Approx. 2.5 hrs
Location:              Melbourne
Investment:          $50 per person + GST 



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