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About Us


EDIVIDA was conceived out of the shared bonding experience with my husband to finally accept my calling as a spiritual healer.  Together we have created this beautiful platform for souls to learn how to shine again;  take back their power; to share their experiences with each other and explore the opportunities to study the gentle energies that surround each and every one of us.

EDI represents the richness of the earth of my ancestors and VIDA celebrates the ‘life’ embedded in our ethos and culture. 

My name is Donna Monterrosa, a medical intuitive, master of reiki and educator of integrated metaphysics.  My journey has been rich and humbling in so many ways and as a student of life my personal experiences bring an authentic holistic approach with great wisdom to all of my treatments, education and courses.

I have worked with many souls seeking to reclaim their body from poor health and who are seeking transformation to restore connection. I act as an intermediary to raise ones vibration to make profound shifts and realignments where needed.

Celebrate life.

Donna & Victor


Allow us to Share our WISDOM & JOY with you