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10 Things you need to know about Essential Oils

June 07, 2015


We are pleased to share with you 10 things we think you should know about Essential Oils to assist you on your journey of understanding these delicate natural aromatics:

  • Pure Essential Oil are the life energy force of plants. They form in the “blood” of the plant, the clear liquid that services plant tissue in the same way our blood passes through us.
  • Most essential oils are high in antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Check out our full range of signature Body Treatment Oils that aid in healing the physical and metaphysical bodies of self.
  • Essential oils are miniscule in molecular size, which means they are absorbed well when used in conjunction with an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser as they do not accumulate in the body - they simply offer up their healing properties then pass through our system. How perfect to use in our homes and offices to create an uplifting healing space.
  • Fragrance oils are NOT essential oils. As a rule of thumb, if you see the word “fragrance” or “fragrance oil” or even “perfume” on anything then assume it is synthetic and not natural.
  • Most essential oils should never be used undiluted on the skin. Instead, they should be blended with a carrier oil to ensure you safely receive their maximum therapeutic benefits. Always check the label prior to direct use. Common oils used directly on the skin sparingly are: Lavender, German Chamomile, Rose Geranium, Sandalwood and Tea Tree. Check out EDIVIDAs Pure Essential Oil range that has been developed to aid in physical and metaphysical recovery.
  • Some people may have a differing opinion; however we recommend that you never use an undiluted essential oil on a baby or small child. Children have much thinner, more delicate skin than adults have and tend to be very sensitive to the potency of essential oils.
    • Essential oils will last for at least 4 years. The only exception to this rule is citrus oils, which will see a reduction in potency after a year.
      • Essential oils should be stored or packaged in dark glass bottles and should stay out of direct sunlight. This is simply to help preserve their potency. EDIVIDA has used a dark green glass bottle to activate the use of colour therapy to also protect the essence and integrity of the oils. Included with every bottle is a glass dropper for ease of use.
      • Less is more.  Always be curious and do your research to understand the medicinal value of your oils of choice.  It is widely known that while Lavender used in moderation is calming, when overused can lead to insomnia.
      • I was fortunate enough to meet Bill Statham the author of The Chemical Maze at the Mind Body Spirit Exhibition in Melbourne recently who informed me that Air Fresheners have a very high toxicity level that we are generally unaware of. So with this in mind, I would like to leave you with a 100% natural Air Freshener recipe derived from pure Essential Oils to assist with freshening your home and office space.



      2 cups of Distilled Water

      5 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil

      4 Drops of Basil Essential Oil


      Mix all ingredients together and shake well in a spray bottle. Now it is ready for use.


      At EDIVIDA we pride ourselves on sourcing the best pure essential oils from all around the world. Our concentrated 15ml essence range has been developed to support our wellbeing by reactivating our body’s natural response to self heal.

      Until next time,


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