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Sophika, Melbourne

October 24, 2015

This letter is to send my thanks for creating such perfect essential oils, better than I've ever come across. I have always enjoyed lighting a candle or heating oils to set a mood at home. I have your range of oils and I am impressed by how well they do what they "say on the label". When I've had a high stress day, I reach for relaja to calm me. When I need a lift and to feel happier, I use allegria. And when I need a boost to start my work day while I practise yoga, I use feminina. The effect they have never ceases to surprise me. The scents are so delicate and yet so powerful.
Thanks again for getting it right. I feel lucky to have come across your treasures.

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Dr. Adrian Hubert, Osteopath

October 11, 2015

"Excellent products that exceed expectation and provides excellent value for money."
"I loved three things in particular about her range, 1. Great looking packaging that’s easy to use, 2.all natural products, 3. Great sales support and information making the whole experience pleasant and easy".


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Karin Radford, Bodycheck Clinical and Sports Massage

August 19, 2015

"I found the EDIVIDA's range of Body Treatment Oils beautiful to work with. My massage clients loved the aromas and whilst using them I found them to be quite relaxing yet stimulating to the senses at the same time.

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